Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ha, struggling with the relaxation pose, but almost there:)

The raised headstand! 

This is the first stage of the Sayanasana (Relaxation pose -- tho does it look as if I am relaxing??!) ... Here I am trying a new version of the scorpion/peacockfeather pose... the first stage is to push up from the elbows when in the headstand. When I saw one version of it on Youtube I was sure I will never be able to lift into this pose but it is achievable,  as u can see. Got it first attempt. The next stage is to maintain the duration of this pose. It is rather tricky since the center shifts once the head lifts off...  but once u hold on,  the relaxation pose will be there:) In this you are mid-way between the headstand and a power scorpion, and you are lifting up by just pushing into the eblows, from your shoulders... It is such a high!! What a pose!!!

What u need?
Having tried long stay in the basic headstand, done handstand and the scorpion and do both comfortably.
Lower back strength.
Tremendous power from the shoulders...

Happy sadhana!

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