Monday, August 15, 2011

In class

Aw have not been blogging because Bandra has made me lazy.And my daughter came for a short break from hostel, so the  usual dining bhoji took over my yogi self:)

Btw there are lots of beautiful students in my class whom I have not mentioned at all, and who deserve more than a mention: Pallavi is now moving into lotus in the headstand. Bharat tried the butterfly in the headstand. Prarthana has been a loyal student whenver in town -- and she may be the only one student whom I do not lecture about benefits of yoga etc because she seems to be clued into it.

But the other day I tried to move off being her psycholological prop in headstand and walked off after putting up into a nice, centered heaedstand -- and then, she tumbled, in the wrong direction, backwards (have you noticed how you always fall in the direction u did  not want to? Or do exactly the thing you did not want to -- like jump up in the crow or kick up the left leg in the headstand:) And since that class is full of novices or others still struggling with the headstand, that tumble spawned a  real crisis!!! Heavens, that is when you realise perhaps as an instructor I forgot for a moment  that it is Swamiji who helps my students reach their poses. Occasionally the ego steps in, and then I get this frightful reminder, when a student falls!! Murthy, arrggh, who stays up in headstand for over two minutes also tumbled in the same class, psyching the poor students even further!! And he made this pained 'Ahhh' sound... So when I eased Prachi (that morning batch) in the headstand she got all flustered and swam up one leg at a time (like swimming or cycling, very disorienting for instructor) and whimpered: "Please don't let go off me."
MMMMmmm ... This is one thing I cannot seem to help with some people, that I become the psychological headstand prop  ... not good.. Only swamiji can help me get out of this corner into which I seem to have painted myself:)

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