Friday, August 19, 2011

In class

Yes, this is the new avataar. With the tresses  off! .  For one I was not feeling those curls rep me any more.  Most days my hair was tied up... tho the curls felt good I felt they were too girlie, which I am not feeling at all; seeing I am kush feeling nicely genderless, androgynous (muscle woman) and freespirited -- something  bold, edgy, sharp about close-cut short hair, what??  So yes, the bangles are still there, the flower in the hair will come back once this short hair settles down, but otherwise this feels like me, now at this stage in my life.
My girl students have been kind and flattering:) The males discreetly quiet, so it was not disastrous as I feared it would be, facing the world without the locks:) Just joking ... have done it earlier too... chopping it all off...
But something about the hair cut, for me... dropping an identity, and getting to feel more compact. Just shows now we become stuck with our externals... this too, a discovery:)

Boo and team were all back, and they have this sparkling young energy that is so lovely to have in class. One time there was an issue with some expats -- who felt I was favoring my Indian students (and this particular bunch indisciplined but sooo sweet:) over the more disciplined expat group:) It was quite a flare-up. I empathised with that sentiment... but tho I don't think I explained it right then, it is not about favoring one or the other group, friends, students, race etc. It is that I believe some students are super flexible (both in mind and body and sooo sweet) but not disciplined (lacking in strength, including in the body) while another set may be strong(in body, but also in selfdiscipline and how they structure their lives) , but not so flexible (not the chalte hai /laissez faire attitude either). So a teacher just takes the students in the zone they are in, and works from there. So, this young group, so sweet, sparkling, energetic, but with erratic practice. But I love them all, still, so much:) When they come, they come like a pack of parrots... :) I feel very maternal towards my twenties-set... for a yoga teacher in India esp Mumbai, this age group is the most difficult to retain, simply because tho they admit to loving yoga, they have other preoccupations which consume them, and health is not on their priority list... it can wait. So when they come, I am def giving them more love than the rest of the others... am guilty of that, for sure:)
I believe that if I mention some achievement of my student, than this evil eye:( Poor Petros having reflux everytime he does the scorpion. But we cracked it today, by placing it at the end of the class practice. So he is back, there, up, my first student to do the scorpion independently...

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