Thursday, September 08, 2011

Meditation heals!

U will find that out, once you meditate.It brings in very exciting awareness about yourself.... and helps you not take yourself too seriously. In illness we become ultra serious. We are scared and believe levity is wrong.
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Free MySpace Animations! Interestingly, illness is accompanied by a lot of fear. I find that illness and healing are two different states of the same coin. Both are aware -- but in one the awareness is inner directed and magnifying existing problems, some of which may be from the mind. In healing, the awareness is deliberately directed outward -- from the body to the mind -- and suddenly there can be a sense of sunlight, positivity and tremendous strenght. U may think this some sort of blubbering and blabbering.... but I have had a very sick childhood, such as cannot be imagined. I have a very intimate relationship with the sick stillness of body (not out of choice), a constant relationship with pain in all spots, and serious nausea, lack of interest in food and other things that illness spawns. I remember reading the book Rack (cannot now remember the author though I have the book somewhere about me) which describes the pain of a TB patient(and no I did not have that, thank the lord), in the days when for such a person the only way out was an early death as against a long suffering one. And was overwhelmed by how well the author had written about pain. That may be a topic I would cover in one of my books one day:) So, when I talk of illness I feel I know something of that... and one reason yoga is very very very verrrrry precious to me is that it has kept the illnesses (bronchitis amongst other stuff) that racked me, at bay.It completely cured me. It was those days when I had no clue of yoga or that it can heal and I had just done it for the heck of it (some lurking good karma dragged me out of a hellhole and took me to yoga). That is why I cannot imagine missing a single day's practice without worrying if I am going to be dragged back into an abyss.  So yes, I believe healing is another state of illness and there can be something tremendously aware about healing. And something super strong about it. It is a shift of awareness and attitude. It is very beautiful and very precious. And it must be deliberately cultivated for healing to really happen.

For me, this knee ligament tear was also an eyeopener. I now believe foods can help heal you faster. My relationship with food has always been indifferent. I like gourmet stuff -- but that is restaurant eating. So, I have been made to rethink food and find that my ligament tear has given me very deep insights about food and energy fields and healing.

Also, I realised how much fear a particular part of your body can lodge... and last week I could feel it in my knee, as if it were a separate entity or a child who is very fearful. And then, u have to be like a caring mother, who is also firm, and coax it out of its fears. That is where healing happens. Also, inside of you, you cannot have anything negative lurking -- no thought which is negative should lurk in your mindspace... all things have to flow only towards positivity. If there is a person or thing that invites negativity, during sickness and healing, you must move away from that person or thing or situation. Otherwise healing will be severely compromised. The mind must be clear, upbeat, positive, and chose healing over fear or illness. That is a constant watching of the self. Unless there is a practice of meditation all these things -- which sound pat -- will not happen... 

And most importantly, I have gotten even more tied to my practice of meditation. For me, yoga begins and ends with meditating. My poses are incomplete if done sloppily, the mind all over the place. So, meditation where the feverish mind is allowed its rampage and where I am distancing myself from that... then, I feel my day is complete.
And then, I can feel something beautiful slipping in... and I believe in that place, where this recession of the self happens, is where yoga begins to heal...
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Nowadays, this state of mind is very  important to me .
Osho says this in one of his Zen books and that is where I want to be ... and that is why calmness per se is so silly. It is this inner spot, untouched and pure.

Here is where I feel meditation happens:

Absence of noise is not silence. Presence of silence is true silence. 

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