Friday, September 30, 2011

Sirsasana, hand variation

The hands, as u can notice, are locked in front, instead of at the back. U can enter this interesting hand variation from the hands out nirlamba sirsasana, or lock the hands in this position and get up into the headstand. It is very casual version... I mean, it looks like one is relaxing in that pose:) I myself do it when I like to switch hand position midway from other hand variations. I have not yet had the patience to stay up in it to find if it is as challenging as the other hands-out variation, but will find out, now that the thought has occurred to me!
What you need for this pose?
  • For this, an ability to do the three four hand variations by switching hands dynamically and without any fear of falling, as the crown remains the only balancing spot for this pose...
  • Playfulness in the headstand variations. U cannot attempt it if you are still cycling or doing other leg variations with any fearful alertness. This one shows that you are really chilled out in the headstand:)

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