Friday, September 30, 2011

Yogic thought for the day: and giddy girls in a class

It is difficult sometimes not to tick off students, when u see them want to use yoga to get themselves attention from the opposite sex:) In a class that sort of behavior is so BLAAAAH and yuck!!! But then, I contain myself --- reminding myself maybe that I am this way, genderless, because I am going to be 49 and that if I was younger maybe I would be giddy and silly like those girls (usually girls for some reason:)

So, any case, the real yoga practitioner is defined  below....

Entering the forest he (or she:) moves not the grass
Entering the water he (or she:)  makes not  a ripple...

Everything else, my dear giddy silly girls, is so not yoga and not so cool:)

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