Friday, October 07, 2011

The answer to the question: yoga nidra, which side to turn before sitting up

How do u know which side to turn on during yoga nidra, and was I right on suggesting right side while ending the sadhana for the day?

You can deduct the answer from what I found out today:

If you press on the right side, you activate the left nostril or ida nadi. It is the sattvic nadi, cooler and calms and centers you and ideal for mental activities, including a meditative temper.

If you press on the left side, you activate the right or the pingala nadi, the rajasic nadi, which is good for stimulating physical activity.

If you still cannot make up your mind, let's make it easy for you:

So, when winding up your yoga it is best if you turn over to your right to get up.
If you are just starting the practice, and were in the shavasana prior to it,  then it is better for you to get up from the left side to activate the nostril which will keep your zest for the activity ahead:)

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