Friday, October 07, 2011

Nirlamba sirsasana: advanced hand variation

Below the easy version, with the fingers pointing towards the head. Above, the more difficult version, with the fingers pointing backwards. Also, in the easy one, the hands are spread wide, giving a stronger base. In the advanced one, the hands, esp elbows, are very close as to scrunch the base and make it tougher to go up and stay up.

I picked up this version from the Light of Yoga by B.K. S. Iyengar. This version,the top one, is still not as perfect as the master's. His elbows are practically sticking together. I fell down about five to six times trying that way, and realised that I had to practice with hands closer before I became overambitious for his version. This too gave me a lot of trouble. But now I am able to hold this one for a minute up to two or more. And that will create the subtle and different focus and strenght needed for the more intense lock .
What u need for this pose:
  • First, a perfect and confident easy nirlamba sirsasana.
  • Second, the ability to do the hands out variation, which is an advanced hand variation of the above.
  • Then only u can move to this, since there is a lot of pressure on the wrist and crown and neck to be able to lift up and stay aloft in this version.
  • Also, of course, no fear of falling in the headstand because it is very unstable, since the pressure on the crown and wobble effect finds not much support from the shoulders which are too squeezed in to give the base other headstands enjoy..
Happy sadhana!!

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