Sunday, October 09, 2011

Today in class

Have said no to walk-ins to beginners in my classes. If I explain why, some nitwit will come along and say I am a grabby person:) But casual walk-ins for beginners or newcomers to yoga, I realise does not work in my class,because my classes are very intense, advanced level yoga. What is the point if some one swishes in and out of the class without doing much. Of course, not all do that, but 90 per cent will do it, simply because they do not have the physical stamina for my classes unless they come regularly. Then I must worry and give them them easier poses or alternatives, wasting my time and that of other more committed students...

Moving beginners into astavakrasana -- and feeling very good about this. I realise that tho there are types and types of yoga teachers. As follows:
  • Bad teachers with bad practice.
  • Good personal practice  but bad teacher.
  • Certificate from some wishy-washy institute, no practice, lot of flatulent  talk to cover up lack of practice.
  • Great practitioner but fearful of teaching what he or she practices.
  • Lazy teachers acting gentle, but doing that to ensure they do not exert themselves too much... Lazy teachers, lazy class, but everybody feels good, wow, this is yoga?!!
You may wonder why I must worry about other teachers... I'll explain: I have some students who have done yoga from other teachers, and I have so much mopping up to do, that my efforts are doubled when dealing with someone who says I "have done yoga before". I dread nothing more when a student signs in that way... I have to clean up sloppy surya namaskar, sloppy headstand, lots of fearful gyan about simple poses including shoulderstand and plough...

This happens every month, leaving me gnash my teeth!! At the teachers, as I watch their students struggle on the mat, unaware...

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