Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daily Health Gyan : Bhringaraj

My god, I am a deranged, ranting Vata dosha, but I have just now heard of Bhringaraj which could have saved me several times over!!!. It is a liver tonic. I am a liver weakingly (yeah, apart from being naturally toxic, ha ha, also had jaundice as a kid -- when about  four/five years of age --  that practically sent me to the mortuary;  and tho I survived that, I was immediately and simultaneously lain low by  chicken pox and a measles attack -- so after these three things mowing into my childhood, I rose from the death bed looking rather sepuchral  -- that concave, sunk-in look, graveyard look  lasted into my early twenties when I seriously was thinking of going in for breast implants (ha, ha, thank god I did not simply because those things where unbelievably costly those days and I lived in abject penury:) and some fat implants all over my body:) I was really really skinny... I did not know that models die (that word again) for that look... and now I am trying to drop two kgs and it has been forever, this trying... life is so topsy-turvy, what?!

Any case, to return to this engrossing bhringaraj -- apparently, this is  used to balance vata aggravation. I am not beyond vata aggravation when things can seem to fly about me, including my brain:)  So bhringaraj is a cooling herb (I could do with that), liver tonic, is associated with longevity (most of my dad's family, they headed to the grave in their forties, consumed either by a heart attack or a cancer, or diabetes -- my granddad, he died of gangrene that resulted from diabetes; which explains my love for yoga, and its curative support), is good for hair and is said to rejuvenate.

Is used both in ayurveda and siddha medicine. Btw Siddha medicine suggests this as a great supplement to have when you intensify pranayama practice, which can cause intense heat. I remember, at the attc while assisting Prahlada and was allowed to the one hour daily pranayama sadhana, and where I finally  managed to really get a grip on pranayama practice and could do that without discomfort, including the advanced ratio of 8-32-16 in anulom,  I actually had blisters all over my mouth. Prahlada, my asana guru, sneered at me when I complained, saying I was just releasing a lot of hidden toxic. But yes, maybe the bhringaraj would have helped me survive heat of this furnace, as my karma burnt! .

So, yes, Sundaranandar, a Siddha Yogi, in his treatise Siva Yoga Jnanam, warns that a good pranayama practice will cause heat that even result in sores, and that bhringaraj leaves must be chewed in the morning to prevent this!!

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