Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daily Health Gyan : water chestnuts

Lemon Grass restaurant -- which is my fav rest for any type of eating -- binge, emotional, diet, nutrition or health freak, guilt trip-eating  -- serves a dimsum with water chestnut and shitake mushrooms. Apparently, since water chestnuts are high in the good carb, it also means this can make a good meal in itself. It also has high potassium content -- a must for women who get those hormonal yo-yos and bloating before periods -- and yes, it has no cholesterol, and a sprinkling of vitamin Bs (feel-good vitamins) and a flake of protein.

See, eating healthy is not so bad, when you have a south-east Asian restaurant close by:)

For lunch, I am having a thick soup, with noodles -- Tibetan Thuppa:) Yippeee!

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