Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

Picked up opium oil aroma candles, incense, perfume from Auroville in Chennai, while there over the weekend. It has a sharp tangy sub-text -- I like it and find it youthful. I have been lighting the candle at the class and the smell hangs on for long, but not very dominantly. And tho opium sounds like some naughty word u don't want to say in public, the oil itself comes from the seeds, which the web informs me, is not a narcotic (like the flowers). We Indians use it widely as part of our heavy-duty spices ... and this oil is also used in cosmetics etc. Apparently, it is rich in essential fatty oils (which may explain why it forms a rich base), and also boosts circulation. But I  -- I bought it for the heady, high smell:)

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