Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heal your Life Workshop by Sivananda yogacharya Superna Chopra

Hi, my friend who also was with me at the Sivananda Trivandrum center as assitant to Prahlada a few years back, is doing this workshop. Below the details. It is in Delhi. If I know how organised Superna used to be (Yamuna is her spiritual name:) even with just the evening class we had the luxury and privilege to teach at the ashram, then I know this one is going to be really a transformative workshop!

Dear Friends,

I am excited to be offering a weekend workshop called "Heal Your Life" based on the philosophy of the world acclaimed author and metaphysical teacher Louise Hay.This promises to be a weekend of great healing and transformation for all of us including me! I have been following this work for a while now and am a certified and licensed "Heal Your Life" workshop leader, besides being a Yoga Acharya.

The "Heal Your Life" workshop is very powerful and deep. It takes you through an 'inner' journey and helps you discover how your mental patterns and thoughts are creating your experiences and your reality. It shows you how these patterns are preventing you from leading a life abundant in all its facets. A life that you truly deserve. It also helps you release a lot of negative emotions which are blocking your creativity and growth. Finally it gives you some simple tools to harness your thoughts and transform your life!

I am offering my weekend workshop on the !7th-18th December at a very charming venue called Zorba the Buddha, Ghittorni. It promises to be a memorable weekend. I have posted this as an event on Facebook-but some of you may not be connected to me on FB or may not be FB regulars, so I am attaching a detailed write-up about the program.

Please feel free to call me or email me in case you want more details, though I would urge you to open the attachment to find out more! The last date of registeration is the 5th December.

And remember as Louise Hay says, IT IS SAFE TO LOOK WITHIN!

Love, light and joy always

Superna Yamuna Chopra


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