Thursday, November 24, 2011

How kriyas affect your personality and physique: yogic cleansing practices

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I had written earlier, in India Abroad I think, how similar some of the yogic practices were to the Islamic cleansing rituals. The kapalarandhradhauti (face firming yogic massage/acupressure technique) is very similar to waazu, for instance. And the fasting during Ramzan, the two meal practice is similar to what yogis do, most days.

Here is what I learn about yogic rituals called kriyas, used as preparatory,cleansing acts to actual sadhana. Actually, of these I only do agnisara , jal neti and kapalabhati regularly.  I used to do sutra neti, but my left eye becomes blood shot, showing up a stubbornly blocked  left nostril, so I sometimes baulk at this practice.. But I plan to restart it now...

  • Dhauti -- Throat cleaning with soft cloth -- Used to clear phelgm.
  • Vasti --Cleans up internal organs.
  • Trataka -- Creates Eka grata (one-pointedness) and dispassion (vairagya).
  • Nauli -- stimulates nervous system, removing sadness. Makes skin glow.
  • Kaplabhati -- Clears and controls  energy channels


niti said...

can you tell me what is power yoga??

Shameem Akthar said...

u must ask those who teach it.. only they and god knows what it is:)