Monday, November 07, 2011

In class today

Started therapy class just now -- it is soothing and relaxing. For the students usually.  But as far the teacher is concerned, it is always the most demanding of all classes. A high intensive class is good to teach. But only some students zone in -- so always I wonder at those who wish to teach yoga, how they cope with these different demands in a class... Maybe they hold back and so therefore they do not get tired. Maybe, sometime I start teaching that way too:)

Some students moving into 7-minute headstand. Am deliberately not naming them since I am fearful of the evil eye (so S and S, please don't feel bad if I don't mention your names:)

Scorpion is still a struggle for others trying it. Other day Jit, on a walk-in, after the first support, held it on his own. Then of course, Petros has been doing it steadily. In fact, his energy in the evening class is good -- another high-demand timing for an instructor, the evening slot -- since people are coming from a full day of work or some stress and the lift has to come from outside, the teacher... So, yes, which explains why I run so few evening sessions...

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