Tuesday, November 08, 2011

In class today

Aw my whole body hurts some days from teaching -- it is weird. I don't know why, but I know it is linked!!

Any case, some new students in class are shining -- Naina and Puja and Zara for instance. Some other new students, a few very scared, others up and about like Naomi (she spells it differently, since she is from Belgium) is doing headstand in the second week! So, yes, it is good to have both types in that, yes, it teaches me a lot of patience.. But what surprises me about the timid ones is that they won't even try some of the basic poses, but will want, want, want to do the headstand. Somehow they believe as a teacher I can do it for them!! Mostly Indian women tend to be that way, and this often drags my energy dooooown!

Have started trying variations in the sun salute sequence. The backbends don't seem to give trouble. Though I successfully put in some standing balancers into the series, only one batch -- my mon-wed-fri early morning one -- got it flawlessly. When the co-ordination gets out of sync often it is difficult to sustain new experiments. So, I decided that this cannot be a standard thing, but group specific. So, most evening classes I don't attempt too many sun series variation -- that calls for a lot of energy from both teacher and students...

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