Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Lolasana, advanced version

This is a new arm balance I picked up, called lolasana. A simpler version which used to excite me as a beginner and which strangely I find tough nowadays, and even before the knee injury, is the one with lotus. That one is usually taught to kids and those who cannot attempt other arm balancers like the crow. But heavens, these days cannot imagine teaching it to kids or adults... they are all so collectively weak!

This one involved folding into a sort of vajrasana, with the ankles lightly crossed and lifting up. As you can see I am using blocks which I like to, when I am trying something new and need the arm lift. Actually if you use your stomach muscles well, you don't need the blocks!!

The trick is to cross the legs at the ankles, keep the feet close to the butt, and swing. Then settle down, to switch legs so both ankles and legs get equal work-out.

It is a rather powerful pose.

What you need for this pose:
  • Wrist and arm strength.
  • Lifting from the stomach and upper back.
  • Controlling the breath in the final pose. Often the breathing can shake you in a balancing pose and you need to be aware of that.
  • And will power.
Such arm balancers are said to tone the mind, as much as the body.

Happy sadhana!

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