Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today's yogic tip: pranayama heat cure

From Siddha yoga medicine (which by the way is the cheapest of the alternative therapies and there are several hospitals in south India where this treatment is available, and has near-magical curative results and has youth-giving medicine also, just like ayurveda -- which has become more glamorous thanks to Kerala's more aggressive tourism department:) this cure for heat that results from pranayama practice:

Sundaranandar Siddha says you must rub ghee and cow's milk on the soles of the feet when the body heat goes up, due to excessive pranayama (this is what is likely to happen if you do pranayama practice exclusively without asana or do it without expert support).


Anonymous said...

Shameem how do we know when the body heat goes up ? Any tip to figure this problem out .

Shameem Akthar said...

Aw... everybody knows when the body heat goes up -- obvious symptoms include acidity, ulcers in mouth, sores on skin, or eruptions, fever -- slightly or high, burning sensation in certain parts of the body, dryness of skin, or hair, mouth and lips drying up... so many... u have to be clued into the body.