Friday, November 18, 2011

Urdhva Prasarita ekapadasana: upward stretched one legged pose

This is the onelegged upward stretch pose. It is also part of the crane sequence. I also sometimes refer to it is as downward facing, one legged pose. The sanskrit name is just a description of the execution of the pose. Often, an idiot will come and argue with me, saying that I am misnaming poses. Hmmmph to them:)

I can Pallavi is amongst my few students who can draw the head towards the knee, as this pose requires to be done. The first stage is easy -- where the head and knee are a foot apart. But drawing it closer, thats where the drama in the pose begins.
What u need for this pose?
  • To do this pose, u need a keen sense of balance.
  • Flexibility along the limbs -- for the hands to reach, for the legs to lift up, where u want to. After a good kickboxing class, my leg goes up practically straight. So, yes, it is possible.
  • A good headstand also helps, simply because it orients you towards the downward gush of blood to the head.
  • Ability to stay in the simple crane pose for long. That is the first stage for this pose.
Happy sadhana!

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