Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yogic thought for the day: siddhar stories and mad yogis

Some days, when I remember where it is I am going, then I am on a high. Then nothing matters. If just remembering gives me such a high, what would it be, knowing IT?
Here is what a Siddhar yogi says, of that pure space in the mind:
In the pure space, I saw the jubiliant dancer:
: Pambatti Siddhar. (Yogi who was a snake charmer -- that is what his name means:)

The siddhars (accomplished/realised ones) are from the south of the vindyas. In the melting pot that is India, Agastya is also a Siddhar, and many apocryphal stories place him as a north Indian who went to the south (to balance the earth's  unevenness caused by Shiva's wedding feast and guests who all gathered at Kailash, making it tilt over). It is difficult to track them,the scholars say simply because the Siddhars are true yogis who did not care for name or fame, and who sought true dissolution -- for them to think of fame after death would have been the ultimate idiocy (Think of all these people who name streets after themselves, in Mumbai, for a fee, even while living. The desperation we all of us secretly have for being acknowledged and appreciated :  yeesh this blog, for instance?? Or is it -- this blog -- such a space... or rather, is it where I dissovle, calling myself -- and you --  names??Or is it where I ridicule myself, hoping for the ulitmate dissolution :).

Some of Siddhar names indicates this great disregard for the mortal self and identity. One siddhar called himself, crow's shit!!! Kaga pucundar was the name...

You get the idea:) ???

I love yoga for this madness, which is real sanity:)

 If I can have the stamina to be rushed there...

They say the Siddha yogis never die -- and are out there, waiting to help those who seek their sort of madness, their sort of yoga:)

I am waiting... breathless :)


indianajones said...

I feel like i am being trained by a Siddha Yogi who will be spoken off very highly

Shameem Akthar said...

Hmmmph... I am only an aspirant...