Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Answer and query

ANSWER: At least one or two brave souls are attempting to answer the queries below. I can see others avoiding it, including, I am sure tonnes of yoga teacher.
I am also doing --this Quizz thing -- for those who sort of waltz into yoga teaching thinking that it is some easy thing to make money from. That is like saying, if you held a wrist and mumbled, or wear a stetescope convincingly enough you become a doctor:) Teaching yoga is something else altogether. The more u learn, the less you know. And if that attitude is not there, u should not be teaching it at all -- instead should be focusing on practising and see if you can squash the ego somehow, someplace else:)

Answer to the query is that all the issues listed below may be symptomatic of lower backache!

QUERY: In the crow why do we insist that beginners lift their head up, to look ahead, rather than down?


pv said...

i know this. so as to cheat gravity and maintain balance and not land face down :D

Anila said...

When you look down, there is a high probablity that you will fall..Looking up helps with the balance.