Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

I don't know why but Sw Satyanandaji recommends that you do not practice directly under an electric fan. Usually he explains, but I like his suggestion. I too try not to practice under a fan, if I can help it. But then, all are not made equally... some people need the fan, for good or for the worse... (the latter, more likely). At the ashram, u will find that interestingly the foreigners requesting for the fans to be switched off while the Indians will insist on having it on...

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Anila said...

Probably because we indians are 'tuned' to the sound of the fan - We cannot sleep without the 'whirrrrring' of the fan, have you noticed? Foreigners rarely have a fan in their homes-so it is more of a distraction to them :-)