Thursday, December 01, 2011

In class

Been having compact classes. Told one student to stop coming -- she was very reluctant person, on the mat, not keen on learning, though she is certified by some local inst which is churning out yoga teachers who can be spotted ten miles off ..  She did not tell me that she was an instructor, tho I am possibly the only one who is not averse to having yoga teachers in my class, and welcome them in fact. So, you already wonder at that. I could make out from the terrible execution which inst she was from too. So, yes, after four weeks and not learning the shoulderstand, blaming the inst, claiming she has done yoga for years, and refusing to do sun salutes claiming some disability or other each time, I had no choice.  It was a hard decision. But I think I am entitled to controlling my space and am quite tired following the rules of the world (which would mean, I should have thot of the money she was bringing in and told her to continue, irrespective of her lethargic manner).  I gave her the money back for pending classes and told her I will def take her back when she changes her attitude and zones in. She was puzzled by what I meant, yoga zone...

My other batches are doing good . Yesterday, tho there were lots of absenteeism each batch did 20 rounds of surya namaskar, in ten mins each. We did it very gently, flowly very comfortably, not breathless or panicky. Amazing thing -- even the new comers zoned in (That is Called The Yoga Zone:)

Amrita's headstand was very good. Mahek is moving into the headstand. Valerie has firmed up her headstand. Mayank and Bharat are getting good hold over the scorpion pose.
Spiritually, I am feeling good teaching, finally, my mistakes and idiocies notwithstanding -- where earlier it is used to make me feel anxious for my students, now I am chilled out and find that they are all growing well, faster than anticipated.

Starting a new evening batch today -- already tentatively, have five people signed up.. But there is always that gap between the cup and lip, what? Any case, those who come and stay, they are the ones I can handle... so just now, I am happy the way this happens where earlier I used to worry if it was something wrong I was doing or projecting that made some drop out:) Karacharana kritam vaa....even our actions and words are dictated by That one, why then worry about other people's actions!

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