Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just now, firefly..

Just this week started to think of cleaning up my firefly pose. Pallavi does a good version of the dwipadabhujasana -- double legged pose that is almost a firefly -- high and good and steady.

So, I want to be able to tell her how she can build it into the firefly... here is where I learnt how to enter this pose higher up. Also, something of how u need to hold the pose fell into the place finally -- so much involvement from your neck, upper back, knees and hips for this pose. Muscles you have never used, even in yoga.

So, yes, I hope to clean it up by next week:)
Will post a better version soon, for those of my students who want to catch it up. First clean up your dwipada bhujapidasana -- squatting crow, from standing position. Only then, this... one of the most exciting poses for sure:)

Happy sadhana!~

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