Monday, December 12, 2011

Lotus headstand finally: 3 months after the knee injury

(Top image: Lotus in headstand. Below, side twists. Aw,  that fold at the belly is that of an innerwear, for heaven's sake:)

After three months, I can finally get into the lotus. I tried it twice, the seated lotus, over long gaps, for meditation and managed my usual length. First time, strangely without discomfort and flowed. Second time, with the ego and expectation biting into my knee, it was more difficult:)

Then, twice I tried the headstand lotus, and as u can see I managed it. Although, earlier I used to place the left leg up first for the lotus (both seated and in the headstand). Now I cross the right leg/foot at the ankle, to ease the pain. Oh, yes, it still hurts in the lotus. In certain poses, particularly in twists involving a half lotus or in knee-bends, it still is an effort. I can also jump about, and occasionally test my body by running down the staircase -- but only if I am intensely aware. If unaware, there is terrible slamming pain still at the left knee cap.. and sometimes behind the knee, which is even more intense So, yes, the problem is not yet all gone. But yesterday, went  running at Jogger's Park -- half a lap -- to get the knee to begin to enjoy strength. To put it mildly, the knee cap felt itself (where it normally does not:) so I stopped, but went for some brisk walking... I believe this sort of aware attempts to stop-and-not-stop for pain will ensure these hiccups in the complete recovery of the knee will happen. But even if that does not happen I am ok, but am determined to push ahead. With this attitude, u are surprised if I am impatient with people who are reluctant to attempt healing and some of whom, I believe, prefer pain since it gets them attention they crave:(  This is always a dicey place, for a yoga teacher, and where u can become judgemental and ruthless,  but may need to prod people out of their rut, if that is what they come to you for.. But do they?

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