Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tao story on the best and worst of yoga students

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Often students have this halo `I am your best student' or "I am a great student". It sort of hangs like the aura around this person:) Or they may even voice it often, jokingly or sometimes seriously. Interestingly, my really good students don't do this. My really good students think they have still so much to learn. So, there in hangs the difference. 

So, what happens when a student starts believing he/she is a good student is that, I expect a flare-up at some point.  Because initially, this halo has the slight touch of ego. It is still within tolerable limits. But since yoga magnifies things then, this halo also magnifies, and with it the ego. Then, it is like a something odious let off.. the halo becomes set in stone:(  And stops being yoga, for me!

Here is a Tao story which somewhat explains this perplexing problem a yoga teacher faces..

Four Zen students got together and planned a serious silence retreat. They sit around a illuminated lamp, meditating. Some time later, the lamp flickered out. 
First student called out to the servant to re-light the lamp.
The second student glares at him, then says the first student has failed to maintain silence.
The third student points out that the second student has also failed the pact.
The fourth student (here is the `best student') smirks, "All of you failed. I am the only who maintained silence."

You get the point?!
There is no good or bad student in a yoga class.
Just like there is no bad or good child.

There is only a disturbing student or a responsive one.

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Happy sadhana!

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