Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today in class

First stage of the peacock pose to Petros who, I guess, once he masters it will make it his FB profile pix:)  Three people are doing the scorpion will style and without support -- Bharat, who has temporarily disappeared. Petros and Mayank. Three beginners have got the headstand -- a few months delay, but yes, Sneha, Valerie and Vishwas are now doing it on their own. Sweta is getting there. Abhishek, after a long gap is back in class, and doing the headstand for long, tho with a little help here and there. Arindam, just a few days into yoga, has got the crow basics and is aloft tho, intriguingly the shoulderstand wobbles him up thoroughly:)!
The Monday early morning batch today did, just for a lark (early in the morning, with the sluggish wintry weather) did 25 rounds of surya namaskar -- 50!! Naina, just a few months into yoga, also did it, despite having broken her thumb last week!
Yes, such things do make me feel it is worth being a teacher:) These kids, they make it worth my while.. and spur me to clean up my practice!

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