Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yogic thought for the day

For me, as I keep repeating, the only purpose to getting on the mat is to get through to that place...
That is why, when someone says I have difficulty in my personal practice, I don't relate to that. The whole purpose is to say it does not matter what I like, or what I like... that is where you destroy the mind, which is the purpose of pure yoga:)

Like one iron shaping another iron, the pure mind of a person which makes efforts on the virtuous path should correct and mould his own impure mind.

... If doubts vanish when spiritual knowledge arises the meditation on jnana in the heart, then the mind will be destroyed. ...

Differentiations of ` that' or `this' person, or `I 'or `thou', or `that 'or `this ' objects are, or pertain to, mind only. May you put an end to that mind with the sword of Abhavana (non-thought).

Like thick clouds which  are dispersed by stormy gales, the mind is absorbed into cit (absolute consciousness) through the extinction of kalpanas (thoughts).

If the lower mind is annihiliated through the higher mind then one will become his own Self and perennial happiness will flow.

Laghu Yoga Vasistha (Translation by K Narayanaswami Aiyer)

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