Friday, January 27, 2012

Ajna chakra: answer and query

ANSWER: Even I have forgotten my own query! This is what happens when readers's response is lukewarm! Nevermind... I am a yoga enthusiast, not a profitmonger. So, lukewarm or not, I continue spiralling in my circle of love for yoga... So will answer the query... Ajna chakra, when it is mismanaged, can cause delusion and illusion (euphemism for being lunatic!). On the physical side, when flowly wrongly, it can cause eye problems, headaches and nightmares!

QUERY: What are the problems of the love center/anahata overflowing?
Everybody wants this center to flow... but what when it overflows... (In certain asanas, u will find people start crying .. wheel, locust have that effect! Yoga nidra can also do that).

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Gayathree said...

When heart chakra overflows, one tends to be over sensitive to words/actions or criticism from others. They tend to get hurt too much !