Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Answer and query

Answer: Sigh, either nobody knows or nobody dares or nobody cares.. to answer I mean:) Any case, Jalandhara bandha, the chin lock, is used to open the upper back muscles and neck which are accesory muscles in respiration. Plus the make the neck strong and open to the nine major energy channels running through it. Plus, psychically, said to prevent the flying off your nervous energy.. which far me means, it calms you down (tones nerves which are stressed -- which is possible because of the scrunch at the neck -- the spinal nerves there service the hands, etc... so possibly, something there...)

Query: Who is Patanjali, the sage who is famous for his yoga sutras, said to be the avataar of?  Some suggestions below ... choose the right one!

Lord Vishnu  -- Lord Shiva -- Lord Hanuman -- Seshnag


Shweta said...

Hazarding a guess..Is it Lord Vishnu? Considering we do some poses which are said to be' vishnu poses'..

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Lord Shiva?

evnathan said...

Thanks for educating on the benefits of jalandhra bandha.

Anonymous said...