Friday, January 06, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

To hold the mind still is known as concentration(dharana).
The pure exclusive thought "I am He", pure consciousness, is called contemplation (dhyana).
When the very thought of contemplation subsides, this is known as absorption (Samadhi)..
Trishiki brahmana upanishad

I have always been amazed about how some yoga schools think they know all about yoga without having the steadiness or discipline of practice on the mat. You would think they are all self-realised, they way they run down a good asana practice:) I doubt they understand discipline or stillness of the mind. If sitting still is self-realisation, then every buffalo would be a jnani, na??!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! I loved your example. Will use that; sneak it into my conversations with friends and palm it off as an original :)