Friday, January 20, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

Patanjali's Sutras (Sadhana Pada): For some reason these two sutras below, suddenly make so much sense to me...

The only purpose of what is seen is to serve the self : Tad artha eva drsyasyatma.

When its end is accomplished, it disappears, through it continues to sever others in common experience. : Krthartham prati nastam apyanastam, tad anya sadharanatvat

Here is an interpretation of these, which I like because it is rather precise and simulates Patanjali's own terseness:, I am giving a few paras,  By Shyam Ranganathan for Penguin Classics

Nature is goal-directed; its purpose is that of the purusa or self. The goal of the purusa is liberation. Thus the goal of nature is to help purusa gain liberation.

Some Indian philosophies suggest that Nature is an illusion that is constructed out of our ignorance. Patanjali eschews such a perspective. Nature is a real entity that exists whether we are individually liberated or not. When we personally liberated, Nature continues to serve other persons.

Patanjali knows iITTT!! .. He is so dry, logical, clinical in his sutras and something shines through those puzzling words, something clear and lucid despite the various interpretations (I have four versions of the Sutras:) and even he, talks of faith, of another kind.. ..

He talks of Pratibhat -- intuitive insight.. a flash of wisdom.. this beautiful pure language of yoga... in one word, so much meaning...

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