Monday, January 30, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

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I am browsing Osho's take on Patanjali's Sutras, and as usual, it is very engaging, down-to-earth, hilariously serious (oxymoron, but that is yoga:). So, in one of the Sutras, as amongst others, the rishi is talking of how the mind colours everything.
But a sustained yoga practice suddenly exposes u to the potential for relative truths in a single moment. For me, this is a fantasic vista.. Your mind can, suddenly, see the landscape of the moment from different dimensions.. and you understand that this can help you move to the future, stay in the present and deal with the past, with a certain wisdom -- and also that this wisdom has nothing to do with you, but is merely a gift that comes about because you have climbed the hill to a certain vantage point (due to your practice and nothing else) where you can see things more clearly, and therefore, have a choice that may be denied the rest. So, you remain humble, as the scene unfolds... somewhat like the quantum world and another reality from the experienced one. ..

So, yes, the mind colours everything and in yoga you understand the different shades and realise the reality is actaully different from that shades that drench it...

Here is Osho's little story, in his own words, to get this message across:)

The tramp happened to call at the home of a temperate man. "I want to aks you a question," said the man to the tramp. "Do you ever take alcoholic drinks?"
"Before I answer," said the tramp, "I want to know whether it is put as an inquiry or as an invitation."
It depends... the answer will depend on the question. The tramp is trying to be safe as to whether it is an invitation or an inquiry. His `yes, or `no' is going to be dependent on what it is. When you see a certain thing, you don't see the thing as such.

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