Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yogic tip for today : for nerves

Brought this book Yoga for Healing by Dr P.S. Ventkateswaran ... It is by Jaico, and a simple, inexpensive book, but rather an eye-opener as far as yoga therapy is concerned. He suggests that matsyasana, the fish pose, may be used to tone up the nerves. I myself feel that in that pose. It is easily the most soothing of all poses... once it has been mastered you feel you can rest in it forever:) And it is indeed deeply relaxing, and works the whole body too, and must be impacting the nerves. Did you know that the thymus -- your immune gland -- is covered with nerves -- which means that what you feel is being transmitted to your immune -- this may explain why you fall sick when feeling something negative:( So, yes, I always say to my class that matsysana can prevent casual sickness... and now I feel I know why... the pose is soothing stressed nerves...
It is a nervine tonic.

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Anonymous said...

When I found out about thymus glands, most say "thymus gland had no function at all in the adult" .

Could you please let me know how true is this ???

Thanks very much