Thursday, February 02, 2012

Daily Health Gyan

Aw, I am not a sugar buff. In fact, thanks to (if you can say that) jaundice as a toddler, I have a terrible appetite, hardly any craving or hunger unless my blood sugar dips, when I realise I may need to eat..
But somebody gifted me with a huge box of Sweet Bengal mithai, and heavens, they are delightful. Any way, now that the deprived (first time in my life eating Bengali sweets, so u can imagine. Thanks Abhishek!) phase is over I am back to thinking twice before tucking the sugar in.. Sugar causes what is called Advanced glycosylation End Products inside which prevent collagen from forming properly under the skin, making it look wrinkled, sagging it and rest of the dour stuff ... If you did not have jaundice like me, and suffer a sweet tooth, maybe this thought should keep you off sweets. For a while!

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