Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Query and answer

Answer:  I forgot the answer that engrossing query.. Is kapalabhati contraindicated during pregnancy. Actually according to the Bihar School of yoga, a mild version of bhastrika may be practiced up to second trimester. Kapalabhati may be practiced up to mid-term.

A regular practice of same pranayama practices during the pregnancy will give more pranic energy to the child. In fact, during the first trimester it is believed that the embryo is still dependent on the mother for prana and hence it is good for the mother to be to practice pranayama regularly, even twice a day.

Query: Which are is most worked in the butterfly pose (poorna titaliasana)? Choose from hips, knees, and legs?

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Gayathree said...

Mostly all three, but the top most probably would be the hip as it is an excellent hip opener & helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.