Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

Whenever I fall sick, I either believe I have had a powerful provocation from somebody very close to me, or am detoxing:) The last few days my mind has been churning about something yoga talks of -- the sense of pattern which draws us down and keeps us down. All of us suffer patterns, and though we are by nature free, we are chained by patterns by which other people live. This we start off, even as children, to please and keep relationships going. But when you attain a certain spiritual maturity, this can create an immense inner conflict.. You are no longer thinking like most of humanity.. and then, unless u are renunciate, you are expected to live on, with patterns that most people around you live with.. This could be the most disturbing and draining phase in the yoga path:)
So, yes, a febrile state. But the fever has now subsided:)

Here is what Sw Satyananadaji says in his book Upasana:
When you think about things, when you feel hatred, love, passion and compassion, that is not the mind, there are the manifestation of mind, chitta vritti. Manifestation of mind is not the mind. Very few people have been able to see the mind at any level, and those who can, either can go insane or attain jivanmukti, liberation. Mind is that powerful substance of consciousness, whichi s formless and abstract. You can only see its patterns, raga, dvesha, kama, kroda ( anger, passion, greed, hatred)  but these are not the mind.

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yogastep said...

This is very cool.I will look up the book.