Monday, March 05, 2012

Daily Health Gyan

I saw a branded (famous sports products co) sell a balance board for around Rs 20,000. I could not afford it, obviously. Then I ordered one from the local sports shop (which orders from the north of India, which seems rather sporty indeed, as compared to the west and south). And guess how much I got one for? Rs 500!! Ok, it does not look super sleek. But it is hardy and sturdy and serves it purpose. And I am super happy with it. Balancing poses and other balancing practices -- they work out subtle muscle fibers -- and this creates a better tone in the body. While my floor is too slippery for the balance board, I practice by placing it on my mat and then I am rocking, in a one-legged pose and feel that something very grounding happen to me, even while I quiver and shake. It is fantastic, that! Because remember balancing tricks work on a subtle skill of the body, called kinesthetic and also proprioception -- your animal brain is involved.. and it is very exciting, to try to exert a control over that untamed thing! The tone, it seems, could be of two things -- muscles and your mind. Buy a balance board. But if you fall off it (u could, if u don't do yoga:) don't sue me!!

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