Friday, March 09, 2012

Daily Health Gyan

I am more and more excited about how wise ayurveda is about curing chronic problems with food. In Dr Frawley's book there is a reference that in ancient times meat was included as therapy for those with aggravated vata dosha. It may explain why a severe vegetarian diet may actually be debilitating for those with weak nutritional absorption. While wondering what it is that is deficient in vegetables, I discovered that zinc is best got from animal foods. And then overrich fiber foods can actually block zinc absorption. So, here it is a two-way whammy that can sock a poor soul who is already depressed! Also, excessive sweating can cause loss of zinc which the body does not reserve . It is an exciting connection why some vegetarians may be hyperanxious, angry, or irritable or depressives. Maybe you may need a zinc supplement to tide over the crisis of emotional upheavals? Check that with your doctor.. if u are suffering from anger, depression, or hyperanxiety...

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