Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yogic thought of the day: samsara/samskaras

Of the tree of samsara, ignorance is the seed, the identification  with the body is its sprout, attachment its tender leaves, work its water, the body its trunk, the vital forces its branches, the organs its twigs, the sense objects its flowers, various miseries due to diverse works are its fruits, and he individual soul is the bird on it: 

Adi Shankaracharya, in Vivekachudamani (from the translation, mentioned below).

Everything that is celebrated, is a no-no here. And note how even work is now dismissed... it needs a certain stage of evolution to accept that. I think that is my flaw:) When I evolve, I will shut down everything I do now, as work: teaching, writing books and this blog... Wow, then, Mokhsha maybe.

(Actually I believe he means that you are not attached to your work... that is my flaw.. because then u can do more and more and not feel anything else.. Adi Shankarachaya himself travelled the length and breadth of this huge country to set up Vedanta centers and travelled giving lectures etc. So, he did not mean not to work, but to work without attachment.. but I think we smaller beings still struggle with these definitions as we try to make them a part of our lives:)

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