Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yogic tip for today:

According to research done by Kirlian photography the aura of a relaxed person is blue in colour and larger in diameter. That of a nervous person is red in colour and smaller in diameter. Plus the latter is spiky.

That is why I am nowadays requesting, bully, prodding, shouting at my students to not rush into class and immediately plunge into asana. Unfortunately, this being Mumbai it has its own particular rituals and disassociation from being on time. I had also, till now fallen prey to this, thinking it is ok for the students to do that, seeing they are coming from far, or that they are multi-tasking or often simply, the autofellow will not come where u want to go. So, it is always a dash for things, including yoga. But then, what if the student misses a few rounds of sun salute. At least at the end of the practice, he or she will be more healthy for having forsaken some bit of the rush, at least on the mat. So, the latecomers are also now made to lie back and stay off a few rounds of sun salutes. The experiment seems to work:) The tougher poses come more easily when the person starts off this way.. Yes, one keeps learning, as one teaches. Ideally, of course, if you are my student and reading this, set your alarm a bit ahead of time, anticipate all the problems u are likely to get to reach to the class, so u can be a bit ahead of time and lie back still. Your practice will be better for that:)

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