Friday, April 06, 2012

Headstand backbend: new one for me

I saw this on fb on Hari Krishnan's (TTC student's) photos. Tried it, and yes, it is a lovely pose. Usually most variations in the headstand involve the forward drop of legs and this one takes it to another level of scrunch at the shoulders. It just lifts off the elbows, so you need to hold them down. You can curve a lot but still not get a real round, so it is a pose that will keep on growing on you, and you, through it!!

  • What you need is absolute comfort with the headstand, because of the extreme pressure at the shoulders and the elbows lift. The latter is where most people remain stuck -- when the elbows lift, they get scared and do the variations very timidly. You need to have no fear of falling backwards absolutely. 
  • A good pinchamayurasana and a scorpion also, so that you are prepared for the upper back and lower back curve when upside down. 
  • And of course a keen sense of adventure. 
Happy sadhana! 

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