Sunday, April 01, 2012

Urdhvamukha paschimottanasana/Upwardfacing forward bend:tough flexibility

It is an exciting pose simply because the mind has to be on the alert all the time. I really feel such poses help shut down the vigilant mind, involves the witnessing mind, and keeps it pure as long as you hold the pose. Such poses which continuously challenge are the most exciting in terms of yogic experience simply because they help train the mind stay in a place.

This pose involves two difficult ones that together make either even tougher! The two boths are the  forward bend and the boat. In this pose staying still will be the constant exciting quotient. It is not even just about about balance, but about strength since there is a dance of resistance between the hands and the legs and the gravity that it can be  too much!!

What u need for this pose:

  • Great steadiness in the boat. 
  • A solid seated forward bend. 
  • And some strength to fight the gravity that drags the body from different directions. 
Happy sadhana! 

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evnathan said...

Exquisitely done pose like Luiganis diving from the diving board. Since paschimothanasana is not recommended for BP patients, I guess this will be an ideal pose for them.