Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

Prachi Mallik my student made this wise little observation which I found rather transformative. It was a 'coin drops into the slot" moment for me. We were discussing some spiritual stuff -- I like discussing with her because she has an innocent clarity of thinking, very pure, unlike mine which is cluttered and ancient and tired  somehow (the thinking, I mean) so we were talking of this and that, and suddenly she says, that each one's pain comes from their soul choosing that particular type of pain, as a tool for spiritual advancement.  It was a wow moment for me. All along I also believe pain and problems come to help you transcend yourself. The bigger the pain,the more spiritual effort you are required to make. I also have lectured some people in trouble and have had them accept that as a fantastic affirmation that they can use their pain to grow. But behind that, there is always some resentment when you think the third party thinks you are ready for the Olympic race and you feel you want to just loll about and not make the effort. I mean, it is like a coach deciding for you, that you are great runner and you resenting that investment the coach wants from you. But this way, the Prachi way of looking at it, suddenly shifts everything. You and not the coach decided that you are fit for the Olympic and maybe ready for the challenging training that you need. This is fantastic because then the spiritual anger goes. You are not blaming someone else, including the coach (your sadguru, your ishtha, whatever/whoever). Instead you are comfortable with the pain because you have chosen it, as your challenge.

You do not resent anybody who has hurt you.
Your ego naturally stops getting angry because after all it is the one which chose the situation.
You surrender -- because it is easy to train hard if that is what you yourself chose.
You forgive and forget naturally, because you are eager to get on with the message of the pain and not get stuck with the why and wherefore.

If you are aware and on the path, you choose every difficulty you have because it is a tool.
You chose the pain,because you think you are strong to go on beyond it.

For me this is like doing a tough pose -- u can lie on your back and say I am good here. Or you chose to jump up and hold a breath-scrunching scorpion. A painful event in your life is just like a perfect scorpion pose -- holding on, against the natural challenges of the moment.

Yess! This feels verry liberating..

You chose/choose  every tough moment you have. If you are aware that it is your atman, soul, which did it, you will wade through it easily..

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