Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cool summer and crow's shit

Here is my article in on keeping cool. None of it is original of course -- can any such info be original? It is just that these health ideas make me think and I am into checking out a lot stuff about inflammation -- it is the inner burn that causes all sorts of diseases, aging  and everything else bad -- and which not even water can quench  --

btw  a pesky blog visitor has beem calling me names between hugging me ( over the net, unasked!!)  and giving me gyan -- but who simply has no clue about biology --(or about spirituality) -- when I said that water is not enough to hydrate, this person keeps on posting queries tho I suggested that he/or she (always these anonymous types:) should do a bit of reading and thinking for himself/herself. 
. If you do not read about science you won't understand that  drinking a lot of water does not mean that the water is being absorbed by your body!  In water intoxication, your insides can be so flooded by water that you may suffer a stroke! In fact, when dehydrating, having the right salt comibination in the water (ions/sodium-potassium) will be more meaningful than more water!!

Water  must be held by the body.. drinking is just one step towards that. What you eat, how u feel, is what holds the water in your body... Some foods hold the moisture of the body in, lock it in!

I was watching a  back-from-death real life story on TV  in which I learnt that if you are muscled, the chances are you will last longer in a desert than a fatter person, simply because muscles release water in extreme circumstances like that .. which means they are also holding it in more!

... so water, water, water everywhere means nothing.. as much as a hug does not mean love (this one is for this blog visitor who kept saying nasty things and winding it up with a `hug' -- heavens, how one carries on with this idea of being good, so much so that it can be rather violently imposed on someone sitting in her corner -- me -- minding her own business!) So, yes,. I did not see any hug, but just a lot of angry foam, froth and fume!! . Taking the effort to share, as I do in this blog, is also love.. a hug is just a gesture, and is meaningless when it is offered in anger (though this person even kept winding up with peace!!) . Sharing my time, as I do here, to some people who are ingrates is more meaningful than a  hug... which is as useless as drinking too much water and being flooded by it!

One of the Siddhar yogi called himself Crow's shit (Kaga pucundar). That was his way of showing he cared two hoots for form and pretentious tradition.
 I believe I belong to that school of thinking ) I rather be crow's shit than  jaw  crap as do these holier-than-thou types:)!!


Sugandha said...

Hi Shamim,
You have mentioned audio tapes for yoga nidra/meditation in your blog.I want to know as to where they are available.I have searched the bsy site but could not find anything.

Shameem Akthar said...

SwamiJ. com -- apparently nowadays you have to pay to download, but is rather inexpensive, so go there for more info and downloads.