Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Students, for the Kuteer:)

Today Sonia and Mini team's Kleansite boys (here, their link) came all armed with a lot of brush and stuff and liquids and were cleaning up the Kuteer. I feel ashamed to sound so unclean --  but it looked clean enough to me, as it was.  but Sonia rubbed her fingers on the tiles and showed some paint dust and white grime and said they will also be sanitising the hall.. I requested a clean-up of the lobby too, as a bonus.. and she agreed. Since I had left them at their task I do not know, but with so much equipment and labour attacking all that dust in the hall and lobby I assume that it will now be safe to do pranayama at the kuteer without having paint dust drawn into your lungs as you desperately inhale...

And then, this evening, as I was finally feeling a bit settled about maintaining my own firm style of teaching ...after having agonised over it for the last two weeks and getting really wild about a lot of things about teaching -- I was feeling a bit relaxed about something that had been gnawing me a, when  a bunch of newbies to yoga Meera, Muthu, Faisal, and Nisha gave me a lovely surprise, it really, in an oblique way, sorted a lot of that gnawing doubts I was having:) So, this gift, my dear students, is rather special to me!  Brass bells, agarbatti (very yummy smelling, and with Buddha eyes on the cover) with a wooden incense stand, a brass Buddha statuette, and a tribal brass holder   I was very moved by the thoughtfulness and choice of the gifts. Meera, apparently, was the gangleader!
I thank you all, really humbled.

And I am sure the Sadguru's grace will always be with you all:)

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