Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yoga Kuteer: cleaning up the lobby

(The images, also in facebook at this link)

Yes, I am a shrill yoga teacher who likes to say it when she feels  goody goody:) (Still stuck and locked by the Vishnu Granthi at the throat, which prevents you from moving onwards spiritually because of the strong sense of identification with the  right and wrong and feeling good about good things,  ha ha!!)

This is  the lobby to the Kuteer... when we bought it, as I explained on my fb page, this stretch where the plants were meant to be, were dunked with garbage, concrete from some interior work (most are super-rich owners/tenants here, but yet, but yet, they will do that, dump stuff about -- because this is  Mumbai where if you did not spot garbage for a day you will have a heart attack or a stroke:), lots of spit to which clearly more red stains were being added by the hour!! So, we decided to clean it up, removed the concrete and the garbage, placed fertile soil on it, and then planted the hardy money plants. None of the other plants which I did want to plant -- the lively bougainvillea, the majestic bamboo or the soothing palms -- could fit in here because this part of the building does not get much sun.  

So, yes, the money plants are picking up pace and seem to grow daily. I have a developed a proprietorial (stuck now in the Brahma granthi -- base chakra which is involved with feelings of ownership:) affection for the crisp tendrils of the plants, so they inch upwards, strongly...

Yes, the plants seem to lift the lobby..

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