Monday, May 07, 2012

Yogic thot for the day

As the diseases take their origin in the mind, treat the mind first: Swami Sivananda


Anonymous said...

Shameem I reall would like know the below question .Would you mind explaining what you meant?.
Thanks & Hugs

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shameem why not drink water?.Do you just do this mudra while you meditate?
I know it increase the water element but...?

28/4/12 9:25 PM
Blogger Shameem Akthar said...

I mean to say, u seriously think that is a smart question?!!

Words fail me..

2/5/12 5:27 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well question is smart and follow up after what you wrote

"We yogis do not drink water!!"

you mind explaining what you meant?.
Thanks and Hugs

Shameem Akthar said...

Why should I do all the thinking -- it is just science! Think and stop bothering me with your silly repetition... pleeeease. u can ask a 100 times and I wont bother to reply because as a teacher I like it when people flex stuff, including neurons.. ciao and shut up:)