Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily health gyan: Roman chamomile, essential oil

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Today bought an eye cushion and found it immensely immensely relieving. Will write on that, tomorrow. Just now, to confess that though I have done an aromatherapist course and keep on adding lots of oils to my olfactory arsenal, have neglected chamomile for no rhyme or reason. Silly of me, because I found it soo soothing today. . Plus, when u buy Roman chamomile essential oil, the way I do, it costs a bomb. Then, to waste it.. inexplicable:(
It is one of the sweetest destressing oils .. it soothese the nerves, makes you happy, calms physical problems that arise due to nervous tension (ha, ha, mee mee, that is the unyogi yogi who always suffers from too much nerves:) It heals joint aches, stomach upsets, respiratory problems. Infections, and burns and to control "fretfulness, headaches, irritability, restlessness, insomnia).

It encourages patience, my teacher Dr Anjana Agarwal, writes in her manual, which I earned, btw while doing her fab course. (She is a very very giving teacher, that way, of that rare mould. I love her very much, for what she introduced me to, in oils, and how excited I was, as I learnt what all she shared. Aroma is a difficult topic -- not as fairy-airy as it is made out now, and misused and abused. It is a delicate subject which needs a lot of care and study, and the only book which covers all aspects of this topic is Dr Agarwal. I have several aroma books and keep browsing. But this one of hers, humbly spiral bound and xerox edition, says everything you want to know about essential oils, including dangers which are never ever covered in other books on this subject).

These are her contact details, if you need more.

Dr Anjana Agarwal
+(91)-9969220702, 9987039364
C/O Department Of Nutrition, Sndt University, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai - 400049 | 


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Shameem,

Can you please tell me where you bought the eye cushion from?

I've been looking for some good eye cushions and yoga belts and haven't been able to find them.


PS: I love Chamomile. Try the herbal Chamomile tea if you haven't. Very soothing, calming and uplifting.
A friend of mine told me that in the US, they give Chamomile tablets to unruly dogs to calm them down!

Shameem Akthar said...

Hi girl with big eyes... long time. I bot it in bandra but the product is made by OmVed.. u will get them on the net easily... I have never felt as good as with that stuff.. but it tingles to the point of itching n u finish and takes about a minute or so for the tingle to leave the eyes.. can be discomfiting if not used to it.. but that passes and u feel quite good..

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks Shameem. I'll look-up OmVed.

Yes, long time. But I am frequent visitor. Really enjoy your posts - not many yoga teachers are as committed to it and do it the justice that it deserves.