Sunday, July 08, 2012

Yoga quizz: what is the brain wave pattern

Answer: Oh, I gave the brain wave chart.. it shows the brain runs mostly in the beta wave pattern. It is the second in the cycle. It is alert and hyperactive state.. not conducive for meditation.

Query: If you touch the tip of the finger to the thumb does the element  that you seek to control through the mudra gets increased or decreased... (Each finger represents a certain element, according to the mudra gyan which corresponds with ayurveda in this regard).

Answer tomorrow.. the reason I put these queries is essentially for the yoga instructors/aspirants -- for them to wake up the excitement of how little we all know of yoga and why, as you seek to share it, you must constantly upgrade your knowledge of this science.. That sort of eagerness of knowledge I see in so few teachers around me.. 


pallavi symons said...

I must confess that my knowledge of yoga is rudimentary at best, but I hope that my answer is close.... By bringing each fingertip into contact with the thumb, one can create a balance (depending on the increased or decreased functioning of that element that each finger represents in the body) of the corresponding element in the body, thus relieving it of diseases and stress. A daily practice of the mudras therefore kickstarts the activation of the elements in the body to bring balance.
Thumb - Fire Element, Forefinger (Index) - Air Element, Middle Finger - Space, Ring finger - Earth Element, Little finger - Water Element.

Anonymous said...

tip lincreases the element and base decreases